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We are not a company, nor a union, nor a club or anything. We are just some people who would like to give you a great weekend with a lot of fun. That's why we do not give you a long page with lawyers phrases, but we simply explain to you what happens with your data, so you can relax.

  1. Your registration data is transmitted encrypted with https (see Wikipedia for details on https), so that nobody can fetch your data.
  2. We only ask for your data so that we know who you are and where you come from. Maybe we can see that other participants are from your area.
  3. We may send some information to your email adress about the qepHom, but that does not happen very often.
  4. We will not send you any unwanted emails after the qepHom. But you should agree that we send you a reminder for the following qepHom.

  1. Only the organizers and webmasters of the event can see the attendees list.
  2. Registered attendees can view their own settings for reference, such as t-shirt size and room type.
  3. Your data is only used inside the qepHom and will not be given to anyone else.
  4. If you register a room at the hotel, your first and last name will be given to them, nothing more.


When you register, a so-called cookie (see Wikipedia about cookies) is stored on your computer. This one only includes your register-ID, so that you do not need to sign in again if you want to change your registration later.

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