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Another message from Maltz...

From:Marc Okrand on Facebook
Date:Wed, 1 Sep 2010 02:09:00
To: Chris Lipscombe on Facebook

Screenshot showing message from Marc Okrand on Facebook Chris --

Sorry for the delay. I've been racing around trying to get ready for a trip to The Netherlands for the Klingon opera.

Here's what Maltz has come up with. He offers you choices!

The "The Final Reflection," he suggests tonSaw' Qav "final fighting technique," since "reflection" is a maneuver in a game (is Maltz right about that?). But if "reflection," as in "image in a mirror" is needed, he offered neSlo' tonSaw' Qav.

For "apathy" and "corruption," since they're animals pulled out of a pocket (if I remember correctly), he went with:

"apathy" (or "apathy creature") - SaHHa'wI' "one who is not concerned" or pIlHa'wI' "unmotivated one" (that doesn't work well in this sans serif Facebook typeface!).

"corruption" (or "corruption creature") - quvHa'wI' "dishonored one"

If it works better to to have concepts rather than beings/animals for these words, he offered:

"apathy" SeHHa'ghach ("disinterest") [sic for SaHHa'ghach]

"corruption" quvHa'ghach ("dishonor")

Let me know which, if any of these, you end up using. And, again, my apologies to you (and to Christopher Kidder) for taking so long. Aside from the fact that I've been overly busy, Maltz is sometimes cantankerous.

All the best,

- Marc

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