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Another message from Maltz...

Subject:Re: Greetings to Maltz
From:Marc Okrand <okrand@*****.***>
Date:15 Nov 2010 02:15:22 -0500
To:Klingonischkurs Saarbrücken

Lieven --

I showed Maltz the list you sent me after last year's qepHom. He volunteered a little bit, but, in his typical way, he skipped some things.

There was a question about whether tlhaptIH was a good way to say "tractor beam." Maltz said he'd never heard that before, but he has heard luHwI' tIH.

There was another question about whether loDnI'nal and be'nI'nal could be "brother-in-law" and "sister-in-law." Maltz said he didn't think there were specific words for these concepts. He said to just describe the relationship: loDnI' loDnal and be'nI' loDnal for "brother-in-law" and loDnI' be'nal and be'nI' be'nal for "sister-in-law." He said you could even say things like be'nal loDnI' be'nal "wife's brother's wife." But he preferred to call all these people 'e'nalpu' "people who married into the family."

Then there was a question about "pillow." Someone suggested QongDaqvaD meyrI' tun ghoDlu'bogh. Maltz first said, as did you, that Klingons don't have pillows and he wondered why anyone would want one. But he's seen them (somewhere) and knows what they are. So when pushed -- "If you have to call it something, what would you call it?" -- he said ngogh tun. A ngogh is a "block" or "lump" or "brick." He said he's seen humans eating yuch ngoghmey and found that strange. I'm not sure what form he'd prefer his yuch to be. While thinking about food, he added that the word for "bread" is tIr ngogh.

He thought more about it and said maybe another way to say "pillow" was QongDaq buq "bed pouch," but he said that could also apply to a sleeping bag. Perhaps a sleeping bag is QongDaq buq'a' and a pillow is QongDaq buqHom. The word buq could be "bag, sack, pouch" or even "pocket." When clarity is needed, one could say, for example, yopwaH buq "pants pouch" or wep buq "coat pouch" for "pants pocket" or "coat pocket," but when the context is clear, buq alone would suffice for "pocket."

The word for monastery is ghIn. This is a pretty general term for a religious community (and the term "religious" could be interpreted in various ways as well), so it can be modified. A ghIn'a' would be a pretty important monastery, for example.

Finally, someone last year asked for the word for "picture." At first, Maltz wondered why nagh beQ wasn't good enough. But then he thought about it some more and said that another word, mIllogh, could be used for any sort of depiction, including drawings, photographs, cartoons, icons on 21st-century computers, and so on.

Have a great qepHom. See you there next year!

 - Marc
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