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Another message from Maltz...

Subject:Re: qepHom 11
From:Marc Okrand <okrand@*****.***>
Date:Mon, 12 Nov 2012 03:04:56 +0100 (CET)
To:Klingonischkurs Saarbrücken

Lieven --

As for the questions you had...

(1) Days of the week -- I had a talk with Maltz about these. He said he knows the names for Klingon days, but he didn't tell me what they were, he said, because he is very confused about how days are named on Earth so he wasn't sure how to translate them. He doesn't understand why in some places on Earth the first day is Sunday, in other places the first day is Monday, and in other places the first day is Saturday. He can't figure out how Terrans know what they're talking about with competing systems like these. He said that years ago he saw "Sunday" translated as "day one" or the like, and he thought that was helpful to Terrans because, he thought, everyone on Earth reckoned things that way. Then he found out he was wrong and he moped. I'll get on him to tell me how the Klingon days work, but it will take a little time. There must be some way to map Klingon days to Terran days -- otherwise Klingons wouldn't be able to correctly interpret messages they intercept from the Federation.

(2) Computer terms -- De'vID (who's coming to the qepHom from Zurich) is interested in these also. Maltz said that the primitive computer systems used by Terrans are very different from the superior systems used by Klingons, but there is some overlap. He was going to give this more thought also, but he did say that the closest thing to "World Wide Web" is weQmoQnaQ.

(3) "fast" -- Maltz was unaware of an adjective meaning "fast" (or "slow" for that matter). He said in Klingon you wouldn't say that something is fast -- you'd say it moves fast. So instead of "You have a fast ship," you could say nom leng DujlIj "Your ship travels fast" or nom leng Duj Daghajbogh "The ship that you have travels fast." If "your fast ship" is supposed to be the subject or object of a sentence, you could say something like tInqu' nom lengbogh DujlIj "Your ship that travels fast is very big" (or, less literally, "Your fast ship is very big") or nom lengbogh DujlIj vIlegh "I see your ship that travels fast" (or "I see your fast ship").

Have a great qepHom! Please extend my greetings to all.

 - Marc
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